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Tokobushi Is Here!

Kuni just ordered a couple of tokobushi, which is abalone. Not to be mistaken as “tAko”bushi, as in “octopus”bushi, as I always mistakenly thought it was called, until he corrected me yesterday. Silly me.

These abalone are farmed, hence they are not illegal. As for fishing them in California, I’m just reading on Wiki that, “Abalone may only be taken from April to November, not including July. Transportation of abalone may only legally occur while the abalone is still attached in the shell.”

These are 100% legal! Safe to eat! Fresh and still alive! In the pics above, the “mouth” of the clam is shaped differently in each one- it moves!!! Here’s a video:

Kuni will take the still-alive abalone from the shell and slice it up and serve sashimi style. It’s delicious- should have a crunchy texture that will snap in your mouth. Give it a whirl, there are only two orders for the week at $12 each!


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